26 April 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

Granada is special. But you wouldn't know from being there that Nicaragua is second to Haiti as the poorest country in Central America. The city rests beside Lake Nicaragua, which is huge, the biggest in Central America.

Only an hour away by boat we made it to the island of Ometepe. Essentially the island is made up of two volcanoes and a strip of land that connects them. We stayed a night on an "eco-farm"/ hippie commune and another night on the islands nicest black sand beaches. Unspoiled is probably the best description, only a few hotels and eateries.

We decided we needed more beach time so we shot over to the surf capital of Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur. While we're here I decided to take surf lessons, something I've never done before.

Coasta Rica tomorrow. More beach time. Want to be in a deep state of relaxation before I return in 7 days.

Granada, Nicaragua

Another view of the church from the cafe lined pedestrian street.

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