11 April 2008

Island Hopping

We have been on the island Roatan, off the coast of Honduras, for the past week getting our PADI scuba diving certification.

We got down to 60ft in the clear warm Caribbean waters. Tons of colorful fish, corals and sea plants. Had a chance to swim with turtles, nurse sharks, aggressive eels, and sting rays.

The trip from Guatemala to Honduras was a long one, but it was nice to leave the country. Between Guatemala´s non-existent infrastructure, bad food, and the threat of being kidnapped, it was a breath of fresh air to get to Honduras.

One of the highlights of our trip will be the week we spent on a Catamaran sail boat to the southern Caye´s of Belize. The Captain would go out everyday and spear fish for our lunch and dinner so the cook could whip up tasty meals. Lots of Grouper and Snapper.

The posts have been slim lately, sorry about that, but we have been on the go and in places that do not have good access to internet.

Stayed here in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. The place was built on top of mangrove canals.

Fishing early in the morning on the Rio Dulce (Sweet River). The river runs through steep jungle clad walls.

Rio Dulce at night from the Catamaran.

Typical scene at Livingston, Guatemala. Home to the Garfuna people, descendants of black slaves, who largely populate the Caribbean coast.

Kayaking through the Manatee Reserve.

Manatee Reserve.

Island in the southern Caye's of Belize. Lots of snorkeling and fresh fish.

On the Catamaran.

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