01 May 2008

Last but not least

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica was everything that I wanted.

The general vibe of that region is very ¨Rasta-Man¨ like. The town of Cahuita is slow and mellow with Reggae music coming from the restaurants and stores. The food was excellent, the first night I had smoked chicken with a jerk sauce. Had to have been the spiciest food I´ve ever tasted.

The environment around the city of Cahuita is stunning. Nestled in the jungle with black sand beaches to the north, and white sand beaches to the south, you can walk for miles through the National Park of Cahuita. We saw a couple three-toed-sloths, howler monkeys, cappuccino monkeys, poisonous snakes, and a postcard perfect tropical coastline.

After the Caribbean it was back up to the capital to catch a short 30 minute bus to Alajuela. We opted to stay there for it´s strategic location to the airport and a nearby volcano called Poas. Poas was seriously shrouded in cloud and we could not see into the crater. The forest was superb, like walking through a fairy tale forest with gnarled moss covered trees, at times forming a thick canopy overhead casting an ominous glow.

I get home in two days and I am looking forward to it. As I look back on our trip I can say it was a breathtaking time. The sheer natural beauty of a continent always at odds against nations and its peoples struggling to create something for themselves. The process of nation development is a ruthless and unconscionable process.

Hope you have enjoyed the blog. Last two photos of Poas National Park, and the rest are Cahuita National Park. Click it enlarge:

Leaf Cutter Ants.

This sloth was so funny. He had an insatiable desire to scratch himself, constantly. Really adorable though.

Poisonous snake.

Poas National Park.

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